This Will Surely Change How You Look At Comics

This Will Surely Change How You Look At Comics

Go check your attics or garage, who knows, you might have been storing the most expensive comics without you knowing it!

Last week, I was clearing up some space in our attic when I chanced upon a ragged down pallet collar (go to to see how it looks like). And what a pleasant surprise!

Along with some other useless stuff and junk, I found vintage comics that my parents must have kept a long time ago. They were not in perfect shape but really looked awesome.

Excited, I browsed the internet to see what these comics were about. And I wasn’t prepared for a bigger surprise! These comics, some dating around the 80’s, could well be priceless collector’s items. If sold to the right buyer, I could easily go home richer by a hundred or even a grand. I was so fascinated especially when I learned that some of the most valuable comics were sold off at unbelievable price tags.

You surely won’t believe comics cost a million! Take a look at the six priciest comics ever sold.

  1. Action Comics # 1

Considered as the “holy grail” of comic book collectibles, this edition features the debut of Superman created by Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel. Even with four different copies out in the market, this edition was auctioned off at a hefty $3,207,852.00 price tag.

  1. Amazing Fantasy #15

Almost in mint condition, this comic book by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko features the first appearance of Spider-Man. Comic book collectors were surprised at the final bid price ($1,100,000) of this comic especially that it was well over the all-time high of that time, Silver Age comic book, which was just under $300,000.

  1. Detective Comics #27

Even with just a grade of 8.0, Detective Comic #27 was sold off at a costly $1,075,000.00. It is the only piece currently out in the market although there are a handful of copies with higher grades. It is said that the 9.2-graded Detective Comics #27 could be the most valuable comic book in existence and could be easily sold double the price of this comics. This edition of Detective Comics contains the debut of the well-loved crime-buster, Batman. Initially, this comic book held the record as the most expensive comic book in the market when it was sold in 2010.

  1. Batman #1

First issues almost always get good valuations. The first issue of the Batman series, where Catwoman and Joker also first appeared, was sold at $567,625.00. Accordingly, there was a lively bidding war in 2013 when this comic book was sold.

  1. X-Men #1

Notching a 9.8 grade, this comic book is easily the highest graded book on this list. Its $492,937.00 price tag did not come as a surprise especially with that an earlier Jack Kirby and Stan Lee’s “X-Men” series sold was sold at around half this price.

  1. Flash Comics #1

Sold at an impressive $450,000, this edition of Flash Comics features the debut appearance of Hawkman and Golden Age Flash. When it was auctioned in 2010, this 9.6-graded comic was the second highest sale on record. Like many other high value comics, this mint copy of Flash Comics #1 came from the collection of Edgar Church, considered to have some of the best quality comics collection in the world.

For quite a long time, I’ve never really considered comic books as valuable pieces. But reading all this has changed how I view comics.

So, the next time you buy a comic book, make sure to keep them safely. As for me, I don’t plan to sell the old comic books I’ve found. I’d better have them for my personal enjoyment!

This Will Surely Change How You Look At Comics