Organizing An Underground Paintball Event Has Never Been This Easy!

There are a lot of paintball enthusiasts. Unfortunately, there are only very few paintball arenas in major cities and towns. Most of the time, these paintball playing-grounds collect high fees and even require tedious booking or scheduling process that shoo away new recruits. Some even charge high rental rates for the paintball barrel, paintball gun, paintball masks and other accessories. You might want to compare the rental rates with the existing price of these paintball accessories at

It wouldn’t come as a surprise that some enthusiasts choose to organize their own local paintball clubs and events.

These local paintball clubs are becoming an underground society. They form teams, organize events, teach new recruits, and provide with the basic gears and paintball tools. They set up tournaments in some great sites – even better than the conventional paintball arenas.

Although organizing a paintball event looks simple, it actually is not. There are a lot of things to consider before the games are started, especially if they are done at a place other than the paintball arena.

Here let’s take a look at some of the things to do.

  1. Pick a location

First, you have to decide where to hold the event. Think about where the players are coming from. The venue should not be far from your area so that it’s easier for the participants to come over. It would be great to choose an outdoor field with a rugged terrain, maybe with some shade and vegetation. This creates perfect scenery for the shooting event.

You also need to consider how many are playing. Make sure that the size of the field would accommodate not just the actual shooting field but also those watching and the crew. Open fields are always perfect for strategic games.

  1. Invite players

If you have a local paintball club, you can assign every member to do the enlisting of participants. Ask each club member to invite 1-3 players. It would also be great if you can invite other local clubs to join your event. The more people you get to the paintball tourney, the happier and more successful the event will be.

It would also be great to use a spreadsheet to keep your guest list organized. This will help you keep track of the team divisions as well as the associated fees, if any.

  1. Choose the type of tournament

The type of paintball tournament would depend on the number and skill level of players. There are many different paintball mechanics and types that you can choose from. If there are several teams competing, you may need to segregate them into smaller brackets to make the task easier. You have to communicate the mechanics to all the participants and teams so that they can prepare ahead of time. This will help them strategize for the event.

  1. Prepare for the tournament

Lastly, you can plan the last minute details that will make the event more fun. You can place extra obstacles into the field, plan refreshments, gather extra props, and create prizes.

You will need to install tents for the organizers and the viewers. There should also be a secured place for keeping your paintball gears. You surely don’t want the best paintball barrel to get stolen. Refreshment area and first aid areas are also very important. These small details help make the event more fun, enjoyable and safe for everyone.

After you’ve set all of these things, you can now have fun and enjoy your own underground paintball event!