Meet the 5 Most Famous Teddy Bear Characters Of All Time

Winnie The PoohFor someone who loves SuperTed, he probably is the best fictional teddy bear character in the world.

But aside from SuperTed, there are many other awesome teddy bear characters that have made big names in films.

And quite interestingly, these teddy bears appeal not just to kids but also to adults. I’m talking about how Seth MacFarlane transformed this cute cuddly toy into transgressive, raunchy creature – by the way, the movie did great at the box office. These furry childhood friends are just irresistible!

Here are some lucky teddy bears that have leapt to stardom and the immortality of film.

  1. Winnie the Pooh

One of the most popular bear characters of all time, Winnie the Pooh has leapt from book into comics into animated series and into full feature film. English author A.A. Milne wrote the first Winnie the Pooh book in 1926 which was followed by three more editions. Kids of different generations have grown to love Winnie and his bunch of friends.

I’ve grown up reading Winnie the Pooh books and comics as well as watching cartoons. I could fondly remember a hilarious scene where Winnie and his friends were playing a horrible music on a piano. I guess it would have helped if they had used the latest digital pianos that you could see here.

  1. Lots-O’Huggin’ Bear

The main antagonist in the Toy Story 3 movie, Lots-O’ Huggin’ Bear makes the life of Buzz and his fellow toys miserable. Lots-O’ is not really that bad. He just suffered quite a traumatic ‘toy life’ that has hardened his heart. Lotso is easily the most terrible villain in all of the Toy Story franchise. He’s even more savage than the two other main villains.

  1. Paddington BearPaddington Bear

We first see Paddington Bear in the book series authored by Michael Bond and first published in 1958. Since then this polite and friendly anthropomorphic creation has been out-classing its peers. It has published more than twenty books and has been translated in different language. His story features funny and hilarious adventures. Paddington Bear is a classic character in English literature and continues to enchant children. His most recent show is the 2014 full feature film, which was also well-received in the box office.

  1. The Care Bears

A lot of kids have grown up to love Care Bears cartoon series and toys. This group of multi-colored bear characters lives in the futuristic world with some nice fight scenes. Quite interestingly, the Care Bears were originally introduced in greeting cards in 1981. They have been reinvented to become cuddly toys, then TV characters, and movie characters.

  1. Fozzie Bear

Well, he is a bear after all. Fozzie Bear may not look like a bear at first sight but this anthropomorphic character is really a bear. He is easily one of the most memorable characters in the Muppet Movie and he proves this popularity again as he is included in the revival ensemble of the musical. Fozzie Bear is the show’s stand-up comic – only that he lacks that comedic flair, always ending as the target of ridicule after his jokes.

All these characters have to give credit to their forebears, SuperTed included, for their celebrity status. So, the next time you see these cuddly childhood friends, remember these high-profile teddy bear stars, who proved they are more than just toys!