How Children’s Shows Have Changed For Good?

I was watching the TV the other night and chanced upon the cartoon channel. Man! A lot has changed!

In an earlier post, I’ve written about what has changed with the cartoons of today and the 80’s and 90’s but I couldn’t still get over it.

I admit, cartoons have changed—and it has changed for the good. It appears to be more beneficial and helpful in helping parents educate their children. In one of the shows, a cartoon character was seen jumping up and down a trampoline – the ones that I’ve been reading about at – while counting. For sure young kids would be amazed at the visual while learning how to count. It also had the character singing the alphabet.

When a TV show is tagged as educational, parents will obviously believe it. But unlike in the cartoons of yesteryears, today’s children’s shows undergo a lot study before they are actually released. These shows are backed by childhood-development principles, intensive research, and an understanding of child psychology. From STEM subject to emotional to social learning, pre-school TV shows are beefed up with quality lessons that enrich the education that young children are taught in the house. Professionals work behind the scene to ensure that these shows really reach kids.

I could remember Sesame Street to be among the best kid’s shows of my time that really have educational value. Sesame Street has been pioneering in this realm long before other educational cartoon shows have been produced. The show’s child psychology experts, advisors and researchers spend a lot of time creating each episode. Counting, alphabet, friendship, health – you name it, the gang at Sesame Street have been teaching kids for over 45 years now. Iconic children’s shows creatively embed valuable life lessons into the fun, blurring the divide between entertainment and education.

The Disney Channel also has a line-up of great children’s shows that inculcate importance of health into the kids’ young minds. The shows like The Wiggles, Fruit Salad, Yummy, Jo-Jo’s Circus inspire children to go on a health kick, dance and move around. It also teaches them how to choose healthy food choices such as fruits over candy, vegetables over junkies, and much more. In one of the episodes, the kids are invited by the cartoon character to exercise with her. She was jumping merrily on a rectangular trampoline like the one you can see on this site.

Dora the Explorer, a show by Nickelodeon, is also equally great for kids. It promotes health through physical activity at the same time other basic STEM lessons. Dora takes children into her different adventures while learning a number of lessons.

While there are still a lot of crappy kids’ shows, I could say a lot has change in cartoons. I’ve always found the entertainment side of today’s children’s shows very wholesome. The strict guidelines authorities have set for children’s shows have pushed producers to do their best. Parents can now rest assured that their kids learn good things while watching the TV!