What You Should Know About Super Ted

What You Should Know About Super Ted

After a 30 year break from television, that enigmatic, stuffed toy, superhero SuperTed is making a comeback. What was it about this wonderful little teddy bear that endeared him to readers and watchers alike? How was it, that an ordinary teddy bear, a toy shop production line reject, suddenly became the all-powerful superhero that captivated kids with his adventures, both on Earth and in space.

The Creation

SuperTed’s creator was a guy named Mike Young. He originally created the character for his son who was afraid of the dark and found it difficult to go to sleep. From this simple beginning, about 100 books were written.

Who or What is He?

A toy factory rejected the teddy bear as it came off the production line. It was defective and thrown onto the rubbish dump. But like something from the Terminator movie, a strange creature from outer space, going by the obvious name of Spotty, finds the discarded teddy. Luckily, Spotty comes from
a far more advanced race than humans and has in his possession a supposedly legal substance called ‘Cosmic Dust,’ which he sprinkles on the teddy bear to bring it to life.

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