supertedThe big mystery is whether SuperTed will come back to life. Will this stuffed toy superhero emerge from the far more pleasant past and be as effective in this politically correct, terrorist filled world of the 21st century? Will Ted’s powers be strong enough to match it with the X-Men and a rejuvenated Batman?

Back in the 1980’s, one must admit, that Ted was the ultimate weapon against evil. Along with Spotty, his trusted alien aide, together they fought and outsmarted Texas Pete and the Skeleton. And don’t forget Bulk, the huge mass of stupidity and muscle!

The thing about SuperTed is that he was created by Mother Nature, in an age that was far more innocent than today. Computer games with violence and profanity, cartoons by Pixar and Disney that are full of witty repartee and well written plots and the new cult of superheroes in the movies and on TV will all work against the re-emergence of SuperTed  and make it a little more difficult to be accepted by today’s kids.

The wave of political correctness will mean a character change for Bulky because we can’t say ‘fat’ anymore and a whole persona transformation for Skeleton will be needed as his original portrayal was that of being effeminate, cowardly and hugely camp. Homophobia just won’t cut it anymore!

Thirty years ago we, as adults, were able to protect the innocence of children far more easily than possible today. Children’s exposure to so many distasteful things cannot be avoided with social media, smartphones, tablets and computer games being available to them all 24/7.

So, with a bit of a script rewrite, some character changes and a SuperTed modernisation, it’s hoped that this cutesy superhero can merge into the current time warp of the 21st century and still be entertaining enough to gain some popularity.

ted and team