3 of the Most Daring Art Heists Ever!

3 of the Most Daring Art Heists Ever!

Pulling off a successful art heist requires creative, clever, and uncanny klepto skills.

The risks are high – damage to art, market deficiency, restitution fees, criminal prosecution, jail time, angry underground bosses – but the reward of a million dollar price tag is just too sweet to resist. Stealing art has fascinated and continues to lure hard-skinned folks to these fabulous rewards. Some professional art syndicates are after the lucrative price tags while amateurs are just into by the glamour and adventure of art heist.

Because of the ever present threat of burglars, galleries, museums and other art exhibitors ensure that their art pieces are secured and safeguarded before, during and after the exhibition. It’s not surprising for them to hire reliable security as well as logistics services like this http://ita-logistic.eu/services/groupage/ for transporting pricey art pieces.

However, no matter how scrupulous security plans are laid out, some art burglars are still able to stage daring acts. Here let’s take a look at 5 of the most popular, headline worthy art heists in art history.

1. The Louvre, Paris, 1911

Thought to be among the most guarded and secured repositories of priceless art pieces, the Louvre has been a silent witness to the theft of the Mona Lisa. And it was a simple inside job carefully executed by Vincenzo Peruggia. The man casually walked out the building with the Mona Lisa stashed beneath his coat. He held possession of the infamous painting for two years before handing it back to the museum.


2. Swedish National Museum, Sweden, 2000

Swedish criminals staged a dramatic sequence of events that ultimately led to the theft of thirty million dollar-worth art pieces: Self Portrait Renoir, Rembrandt, Young Parisian and Conversation with a Gardner. The criminals staged two car explosions near the museum. It was enough for them to walk calmly into the museum, armed with heavy firearms, and stealing their target pieces.


3. The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston, 1990

This daring art heist is like what we commonly see in movies: two policemen arrives at the museum and claims to be responding into an emergency. Shortly after entering the premises, the supposed policemen turns rogue and hand cuffs the security guards. The heist is the biggest in American history. It still remains unresolved with painting by Manet, Rembrandt and Vermeer still to be recovered.


4. Drumlanrig Castle, Scotland, 2003

A very bold and crazy burglary plot turns successful. The eventual thieves – a tandem – discreetly joined a public tour around the Duke of Buccleuch’s royal house. The two men overpowered the guide, giving them free access to the million-dollar-worth piece – Madonna with the Yarnwider by Leonardo da Vinci. Up to this day, this piece is still missing.

Surely, art is a lucrative industry but stealing art is even more lucrative. Keeping the art pieces safe through the show is a tough job that entails proper planning. If you’re into art collection or art exhibition, always remember that it’s not enough that you hire a good international freight service provider like the ITA Logistics EU. You have to have a solid safety and security plans.